Some weights are hard to balance
Especially those that are within
Some Yorks are hard to pull
Especially those that can only be felt

Those two versions of us
Outdoing each other
The uglier one winning often
It’s rewards being shackles
That hold us captive from ourselves
Our own reflection ,scary to even face
Being set free is what we oftenly yearn for

How about the hollow within
So dark that when you’re asleep
Better still when you try to ..sleep
That moment when your eyes are closed
And you let yourself fall ,drown,
And the darkness within pulls you
Allowing you to explore a bit of…
Guilt, loneliness,pain,
A taste of each reminding you
That real as it is , it’ll forever be a part of you
A mark you will forever bear on your forehead
A poison that will forever run through your bloodstream
A breath so suffocating that you’ll forever take in
And you can’t pull yourself out
You can’t save yourself
All You want to do is to remain stuck
Just stuck

And in that moment it dawns on you
That there is peace in that violence
The noises within are actually a symphony
And so your inner self floats
Your feeble feet raise
craving for freedom grows even more
Being set free and not just to ….Balance


  1. Astrophel says:

    I’d love to hear from you from what perception you think I wrote from


    1. WangariJiji says:

      I think the poem means to say that we should accept to be one with our inner complicated selves, that chaos is good.


      1. Astrophel says:

        I wouldn’t agree any lesser 😊


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